Holding Kirklees Council to Account

I'm often contacted by people about their problems with Kirklees Council. Although I don't have any direct control over how the council operates or the decisions they make I meet with them regularly and as your Member of Parliament it's important that I do my part in holding them to account.

In recent months we've seen closures and threatened closures of key facilities in our area, and Kirklees have been censured by their own auditors for financial mismanagement.

You can read more about some of the action I've taken to stand up for all of us who pay our council tax to Kirklees in the articles below:


Prime Minister's Questions - Is Kirklees Council fit for purpose?

With a growing number of failures to their name, Kirklees Council want to add new parking charges hitting local shoppers and businesses ahead of Christmas.

I asked Rishi Sunak if Kirklees Council were fit for purpose - watch the video to see his response.

Mark slams Kirklees leisure failures

Mark Eastwood has slammed Kirklees Council's financial mismanagement amid reports of permanent closures being considered for Dewsbury's leisure centre.

Mark said: